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Help Us Welcome A New Breed to the Ranch!

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Our New Program "Watch Them Rise" is Growing!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to rescue horses. I have been involved with dog rescue for years, but have always dreamed of saving the animal that has saved me in so many ways... so many times over my life. For me, horses are my soul. I see them and they see me. We have a respect and understanding for one another that resonates so deeply to my core.

About a month ago, my friend and trainer sent me a video of this skinny boy at an animal shelter, she said "I feel like this is your horse." When the video stopped playing, it was 1:11 minutes long. My most significant numbers in my life. So much so, that I have 11:11 as my only tattoo. It is believed that when you see these numbers often it means you are on your spiritual path and that your angels are showing you the way. .

I thought oh crap. I sent the video to Zach in Brazil and I said "look at how long the video is..." Zach replied with, "it's a sign"
So, we went down to the shelter, I walked in to the round pen with him where he rested his head on my shoulders. It was done, he chose me.

This boy was brought in to the shelter after being severely neglected. He was about 500 pounds under weight. The shelter wouldn't release him until he was at a healthy weight so I waited patiently until we got the call.
His name is Magic and he will be the rescue ranch's ambassador and our "Marley"
My intention with Magic and a handful of more rescued horses is to have at risk youth, girls specifically out to the ranch for a work to ride program. I want to teach them responsibility, self worth, self love and a path and opportunity that they wouldn't have otherwise had. Our horses will build these young people up and give them a future they didn't see for themselves.

I'm over the moon excited. We are fundraising for hay & feed, farrier, fencing, a barn, arena and round pen! We have the space at the rescue ranch to bring this to fruition, just nothing currently to house the horses or work with them in. I appreciate every penny and dollar donated, we are going to change the lives of so many kids and horses! Link is in my bio ❤️ with a very happy heart, I thank you.
Love, Heather